Recommended Vendors

We are proud to share with you some of our highly recommended vendors for all your event needs. We've built strategic relationships with talented individuals and companies in our community to get you great rates and quality service! To learn more about these vendors and to schedule meetings, please contact us at 

Celina Ma: CNMA Productions  

Celina Ma is a professional videographer who specializes in capturing the essence stories and moments through film. Ms. Ma is also the Director of Videography for For The Good Hawaii. To learn more about Celina Ma and CNMA Productions, click here

Cory Kacher: Design Tank Hawaii

Cory Kacher is a graphic designer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. He specializes in interface and print graphic design. Mr. Kacher also serves as the Creative Director of For The Good Hawaii. To learn more about Cory Kacher and Design Tank Hawaii, click here

Thea Grace Okimoto: Photographer

Thea Grace Okimoto is a talented photographer who has the capacity to shoot a variety of types of photographs and subjects. Ms. Okimoto is the lead photographer at For The Good Hawaii. To learn more about Thea Grace Okimoto and her rates, click here

Eva Salcedo: DES Makeup Studio

Eva Salcedo is an artist who creates masterpieces through her clients hair and make up! Ms. Salcedo has the ability to take care of your beauty needs for your upcoming event. While she specializes in weddings, her client list also ranges from proms, parties, corporate functions, and more! To learn more about Eva Salcedo, click here