Show Your Love Every Day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to celebrate love and to take the time to be with those who mean the most to you. From the sweet fragrant flowers, to the decadent chocolates, you go out of your way to make your significant other feel extra special! And while we know you’ve likely already got your Valentine’s Day plans made, we thought we’d curate some of our favorite ways to show your partner you love them (all year long)!


To help make this easy to reference, we’ve broken down our suggestions into the following categories: words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time, and acts of service. Sound familiar? These are the 5 Love Languages, as discussed in the book by Gary Chapman (which we also highly recommend reading).


Words of Affirmation:


Your significant other is your partner, champion, and rock. They’re the first person you want to share good news to, and the only one who can lift your spirits when times are rough. Even though they know that you love them, sometimes being reminded can mean the world.


The long lost art of writing love notes may be a fun way to show your partner how you feel for them. Take time to write down some notes- favorite memories, their best qualities, why you love them. Then, find the best time to give the notes to them... or better yet, surprise them! Leave it in her purse, or on his desk, so hey have a little joyful surprise during their day!


Physical Touch:


 The intimacy shared between you and your partner helps create a special bond. We know that life gets busy- in between work, family, friends, and other obligations. It’s easy to go through the entire day with barely seeing your loved one, yet alone, carving time to be close.


Physical touch doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It can be a “just because,” or a gentle squeeze of their hand to show that you’re there. Making an active effort to connect with your partner will not only promote closeness between the two of you, but also keep the spark alive!


Sometimes, after a long day at work, the best thing is to sit on the couch with some popcorn and wine, wrapped in the arms of your love, watching your favorite shows.


Receiving Gifts:


Giving gifts doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most expensive or flashy presents. There’s nothing wrong with that, believe us,  (*cough cough* that purse you’ve been eyeing) but it’s more so about the thought behind it.


Gifts aren’t restricted to birthdays and holidays. Sometimes an “I was thinking of you,” gift can have the biggest impact.


Some fun gift ideas, that won’t break the bank are:

  1. Get her some flowers that you picked, or found at a local farmer’s market! I mean how surprised would she be to get a beautiful protea on a Saturday morning!
  2. Surprise him with buying that pay-per-view of his favorite sport! We all know that guys and their sport obsessions are intense, so you can imagine how stoked he’d be to get to watch his favorite sport right at home because you were so thoughtful (cue great Segway into thank you kisses)


Quality Time:


 This one is simple. Put down your phone. Turn off the computer. Just be with one another. It’s so easy to get boggled down by the instant gratification of scrolling through our phones, but sometimes it’s good to “unplug” for a bit and reconnect with your loved one.

My favorite dates are the ones that involve me turning my phone onto “do not disturb,” strolling through a park, getting gelato, sitting on a bench, and just talking.


Acts of Service:


 Again, your significant other is your partner. You’re a team- there to support and care for one another. Whether it’s making dinner, watching the kids, or folding laundry... acts of service are actions you can take to show how you care for your loved ones.


If you notice your loved one is stressed at work or having a hard day, simply helping make their day easier can go a long way.


Oh, here’s another thought. You don’t necessarily need recognition for it right away either! Funny story- a friend once opened her fridge after a long day at work to find that it was full of fresh groceries. Surprised, she didn’t know where it came from, but it was her significant other! Her boyfriend knew she had been working long back-to-back shifts and had gone grocery shopping for her. He didn’t mention it when he picked her up from work or anything. She just discovered it when she was hungry later that night and opened the fridge— and of course she was so happy and appreciative that he cared so much for her. 


These are just a few ways you can show your partner how much you love them. The most important thing to remember is that your love is special- treasure it, hold it in value, and know that it deserves your best effort every single day.

Spend time together, remember why you love each other, and be present. Life is a beautiful journey, especially when you’re holding the hand of your loved one.


Happy Valentine’s — now and everyday!

Wedding Design: Romance at the Bella Sophia Estate


For The Good Hawaii Wedding Planner, Richel, discusses the design process from concept to day-of execution of a Bella Sophia Estate Wedding.

What was the theme/design elements that we incorporated into the design?

We were so excited to get to do a wedding at the beautiful Bella Sophia Estate. Our bride loved the deep reds, Marsala, and romantic feel. We wanted to make sure that we stayed true to the description of what the bride wanted, while finding a way to make it all work in the space. We also wanted to surprise the bride with some extra touches, so with the help of our amazing friends at Accel Party Rentals, we upgraded her linens and added beautiful table runners!

Style Guide

Why did you choose this layout and setup?

We wanted to maximize use of the space in the venue, while making sure everything flowed smoothly. Because the couple opted to do traditional round tables and a head table, we built the design around the dance floor as the focal point (the couple loves EDM and had an awesome performance planned). We also thought about how the guests entered the property and wanted to make sure that their experience from arrival to departure was seamless.

Rendering For The Good

What were some factors that you had to take into account?

Working with a private estate, there are certain regulations that we have to follow. For example, nothing was allowed to be staked into the grass. This just means that we have to take extra precautions when building our layout to ensure that we take into account the alternative ways to weight down the tent. Also, we wanted to take advantage of some of the built in features that the venue had to offer, such as the wooden deck that we turned into the bar.  


We had an amazing team of vendors who worked tirelessly to put together this beautiful wedding.

Wedding Planning & Event Design: For The Good Hawaii

Venue: Bella Sophia Estate 

Officiant: Val Moriwaki

MUA: Face Art Beauty 

DJ/Emcee: Perfect Wedding DJs

Rentals: Accel Party Rentals

Florals: J'adore Floral Designs 

Photographer: Vivid Fotos

Catering: Chef Elmer Island Cuisine

Wedding Design: Ceremony With A View

For The Good Hawaii Design Director, Ruby, discusses the design process from concept to day-of execution of a wedding at Paliku Gardens. 

What was the theme/design elements that we incorporated into the design?

Kyson and Robyn's wedding was a Day-Of Coordination and our design task was primarily to help the couple with the layout of their ceremony and reception. When I first met Kyson and Robyn, they already had a good idea of what they wanted and our team worked together with them in finalizing layout options. The couple's overall goal was for their guests to not only enjoy but also feel comfortable and relaxed at their wedding. 

Why did you choose this layout and setup? 

We were able to achieve Kyson and Robyn's goal with two sets of lounge furniture which included couches and coffee tables for guests to sit down and relax. The setup of this wedding was also unique in that the couple opted out of having a seating chart. With open seating and cocktail tables located throughout the reception, guests could easily mingle with each other and roam throughout the outdoor venue. 

What were some factors that you had to take into account? 

Lounge furniture is often an added bonus for a reception and like most weddings, this one had a budget. With a decision to have limited floral decorations, the ceremony was simple yet elegant with two maile lei garlands placed along the white aisle chairs. After the ceremony, the maile leis were then repurposed to decorate the stairs where the couple made their grand entrance into the reception. Instead of professional centerpieces, the couple also had their own arrangements which included short stem flowers with ceramic vases (made by the Father of the Bride) placed on top of tree stumps provided by For the Good Hawaii. 

For The Good Layouts


We had an amazing team of vendors who worked tirelessly to put together this beautiful wedding.

Wedding Planning & Event Design: For The Good Hawaii

Venue: Kualoa Ranch 

MUA: Allison Hayashi

DJ/Emcee: DJ Neekz

Rentals: Accel Party Rentals

Florals: Watanabe Florals 

Photographer: Eric Wehner Photography 

Catering: Chef Elmer Island Cuisine; Mr. Tea (boba)

Wedding Design: Rustic Elegance at Dillingham Ranch

 Photo by Christie Pham Photography

Photo by Christie Pham Photography

For The Good Hawaii Design Director, Ruby, discusses the design process from concept to day-of execution of a Dillingham Ranch Wedding

What was the theme/design elements that we incorporated into the design?

The theme of Rumi and Chris' wedding was "rustic elegance." We portrayed this concept with the use of long farm tables and cathedral style lighting. A simple floral design of garlands and greenery along with white drapery also helped to complete the details of the wedding. Together all the chosen design elements nicely complemented the wedding site located at the Dillingham Ranch.

 Style Guide created via Bride's wedding inspiration 

Style Guide created via Bride's wedding inspiration 

Why did you choose that layout and design?

With a 30' x 60' tent and table seating needed for only 50 guests, we had a lot of "room" to play around with the layout. Creating a sense of flow, guests could enjoy the different spaces that created the reception including a cocktail area with a bar and high cocktail tables, a buffet area with a donut table, and the dining area in the center with a vast amount of space in between for guests to mingle.

What were some factors that you had to take into account? 

Without a sweetheart table, a designated dance floor, or cake table, there wasn't a focal point for the reception. This worry quickly faded as we realized not having a focal point helped to further continue the theme of "elegance." With the large amount of open space around the tent, the couple was able to choose any location for their first dance. While I had imagined it being near the DJ, they brilliantly choose to have it on the patio after making their entrance from the Estate House. We also needed a way to identify the bride and groom's seats since the couple wanted to sit among their guests. This was beautifully achieved with drapery and a floral arrangement that matched the rest of the décor.  


We had an amazing team of vendors who worked tirelessly to put together this beautiful wedding.

Wedding Planning & Event Design: For The Good Hawaii

Venue: Dillingham Ranch

MUA: REVEAL Hair & Makeup

DJ/Emcee: Spectrum Entertainment

Rentals: Pacific Party Rentals

Florals: Les Saisons

Photographer: Christie Pham Photography

Catering: Kahai Street Kitchen  

Transportation: Luxury Limo Hawaii 

Holiday DIY Crafts

DIY Holiday Arrangement:

Materials Needed:

·       Vase

·       Floral foam

·       Fresh pine clippings

·       Blooming flowers

·       Round Christmas tree ornament

·       Pine cone



·       Start by cutting the floral foam to fit snuggly inside the vase. Fill with water.

·       Next, take the largest blooms and stick them in the floral foam. These first few flowers can be placed randomly as a starting point for the arrangement. 

·       Add in clippings of pine. Pine is great for holiday arrangements, not only because it smells amazing but it is the perfect holiday greenery that can simply be snipped off the back side of your Christmas tree (no one will know!)

·       Then start filling in with more flowers. For the holidays, any shade of red is great. Bright red is traditional and will draw in the eyes of your guests, while darker reds are more mature andelegant looking. White is also a great color for the holidays as an accent or for the entire arrangement. White flowers will create a clean and fresh looking holiday arrangement. Here we are using red roses, red carnation, and white Tahitian gardenia.

·       After filling in the arrangement with most of the flowers, take the round Christmas ornament and pine cone and attach a toothpick to each using wire and tape. Place them in the arrangement. The pines cone could be spray painted in silver, gold or white or kept natural. Natural or spray painted branches could also be used and would give the arrangement a whimsical quality.

·       If using tahian gardenia, as we did. Attach toothpicks to stem to help place inside the floral foam. Whichever white flower you use, place in any areas that needs filling and all over as an accent color to the red & greenery.

·       Lastly, clip a few more longer pieces of pine and place them near the bottom of the arrangement right above the opening of the vase. The variety of pine lengths will give the arrangement dimension and that is a good thing!

Looking for more fun DIY projects? Here are two of our holiday favorites from some of our go-to blogs!

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